Choose the direction of your life – using the goal mapping method (Zoom)


Our lives are the result of our uppermost thoughts, beliefs, and habits. How aware are you of the true power of your own mind? Do you know what you would like to achieve and where you are headed in life?

Setting goals is the brain’s natural way of working. Deciding, starts a subconscious process that turns the decision into action. Thus, consciously learning how to set goals is an important prerequisite for success in life.

Come and realize how your mind works and what kind of thought patterns you have and how those affect in your life. In our Goal Mapping workshop, you will learn ways to change limiting thought patterns and how to use your brain comprehensively. During this workshop, you will get more information about the importance of positive thinking, and naturally, you will learn to use the Goal Mapping method. You get access to tools that you can use in all areas of your life in the future!


04.10. – 11.10.2023

On Wednesdays 4.10. & 11.10.

at 17.30-20.30


Päijät-Hämeen kesäyliopisto

Zoom platform


The method is used in the business, schools and in sports all-around of the world.


In this workshop:

• You get more energy and clarity in your life!
• You expand your awareness: you become aware of the impact of your own thinking on your life
• You see more possibilities: you identify your limiting beliefs and learn to liberate yourself
• You find balance and meaningfulness: you become aware of what really motivates you
• You become aware of how your subconscious mind works
• You will understand more about the unlimited power of the mind
• You will create a goal map for your own life and plan the first steps of your future


The workshop is held on two weekday evenings from 17:30 to 20:30. This workshop includes a lecture, exercises, discussion and creating your own map. We will send the material and map templates by email well in advance of the workshop, so that you can print them out beforehand. You will also need color pencils for
creating your own map.


The teacher of the workshop is Goal Mapping and NLP trainer and Life Coach Pii Leskinen. She has
held Goal Mapping workshops for thousands of people in Finland and across Europe.

More information about the trainer: https://piinto.fi


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Päijät-Hämeen kesäyliopisto

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Lisätietoja hakeutumisesta

The last registration date is 19.9.2023. The registration will become binding on 20.9.2023 and the cancellation conditions come into effect.

An invitation to the course will be sent after the end of the registration period. If you want to inquire free places after the registration deadline, please contact our office.


95 €


19.09.2023 mennessä


Cancellation fee 50% of the price if the cancellation is made between the binding registration date and the start of the course. If the cancellation occurs after the course has already started, we charge the full price of the course.